Highly motivated, proficient biomedical engineer- with proven skills and experience in 3D modeling, animation and graphic design of medical subjects- looking to expand into the field of experimental systems and development engineering. Also, a strong discipline in software programming for human sensory systems, experimental interfaces and data manipulation.

MATLAB · LabVIEW · Pro/Engineer · AutoCAD · Arduino · Octave · FreeMat · 3D Studio Max · Maya · Adobe Creative Suite · MS Office Suite · C/C++ · Assembly · Fortran · Combustion · Quark Express · Final Cut Pro · Sound Forge · Z Brush · iGrafx · Flash 

Consultant · 2009- present

Worked as illustration editor for a book authored by the company’s co-founders, Dr. Michael Pappas and Dr. Frederick Buechel in which the first edition was published in November 2011. Principles of Human Joint Replacement: Design & Clinical Application is a progressive, comprehensive analysis of the design logic behind orthopedic joint replacement over the past 40 years. The book is an invaluable reference in the modern fields of orthopedics and biomedical engineering. Responsibilities included designing nearly all illustrations for the book in accordance with the authors’ specifications using a variety of mediums including: 3D/CGI rendering (3ds Max and AutoCAD), graphical illustration (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) and hand-drawn rendering. The second edition of Principles of Human Joint Replacement: Design & Clinical Application was recently published in January 2015, which included an entire new chapter on the shoulder joint, as well as revisions to some existing illustrations.

ENDOTEC INC., South Orange, New Jersey
Art Director · 2007- 2009

Worked in collaboration with the marketing personnel, surgeons and engineers to design and oversee the design of specific marketing devices such as animations, videos, presentations, posters, brochures and pamphlets. This collaboration resulted in several full-length 3D animated videos of precise surgical procedures concerning total knee replacement through orthopedic implantation, along with countless other promotional materials designed to market company implant devices and instrumentation. The majority of material was created using 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro, while some models were created in conjunction with AutoCAD.


 The New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, May 2015.

Grade Point Average: 3.335


  • Developed a digital, 10-channel oscilloscope in 64-bit MATLAB for the Biomedical Engineering Department at NJIT.
  • Developed a motion tracking program in MATLAB for the upper extremities (left and right arms) through a low resolution video input.
  • Developed multiple data acquisition GUI’s using LabVIEW for the filtering and dissemination of motion capture position data concerning human gait, as well as bio-signal monitoring.
  • Redesigned a previous DARPA experiment performed at a Picatinny Arsenal research and development laboratory by creating a LabVIEW interface to implement and monitor an experiment of laser stimulation and how it affects a motorist.
  • Designed a remote labor monitor interface program in LabVIEW designed to track EKG, respiration and uterine contraction of a patient in labor while calculating contraction duration, frequency, and the break in between. The interface module also featured an “undo” function, as well as a detailed event log.


  • Medical Instrumentation (BME 687)
  • Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering (BME 675)
  • Measurement, Automation & Instrumentation of Experiments (BME 698)
  • Virtual Biomedical Instrument (BME 688)
  • Biorobotics (BME 673)
  • Biomechanics of Human Motion (BME 671)
  • Advanced Design of Orthopedic Implants (BME 679)
  • Matrix Tensor Methods in Mechanical Engineering (ME 616)
  • Computer-Aided Design (ME 635)

 The Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, CO, June 2007.

Major Courses:

  • Advanced Lighting & Texturing (RS3350)
  • Animation Studio (CA4391)
  • Web Animation (CA3390)
  • Animation Portfolio Production (CA4393)
  • Advanced Modeling & Animation (RS3315)
  • Special Topics in Animation (CA3371)
  • Production Team (CA4380)
  • Engineering/Architectural (CA4336)
  • Digital Ink & Paint (CA3302)
  • 3D Animation (RS3360)
  • Digital Compositing (RS3320)
  • Conceptual Storytelling (RS3365)
  • Character Animation (CA3353)
  • Material & Lighting (CA2387)
  • 2D Animation (CA2358)
  • Storyboarding (CA2357)
  • Broadcast Graphics (RS2354)
  • Camera Techniques (CA2339)
  • 2D Animation Principles (CA2323)
  • Drawing & Anatomy (CA2363)
  • Audio for Multimedia (RS2332)
  • Structure, and Perspective (CA2315)
  • Hard Surface & Organic Modeling (RS2331)
  • Desktop Video (RS2333)
  • Background Design & Layout (CA2317)
  • Character & Object Design (CA1354)
  • Three-Dimensional Modeling (RS2330)
  • Life Drawing for Animation (CA1311)
  • Acting and Movement (CA1353)
  • Color Theory (CC1303)
  • Digital Typography (CC1318)
  • Digital Illustration (RS1320)
  • Observational Drawing (CA1309)
  • Digital Image Manipulation (RS1309)